I'm Estela Bem (They/Them) a queer artist from Switzerland based in Toulouse, France.

I 'm currently working as a freelance illustrator and open for work and commissions. I'm also the creator of NUF'S WORLD and it's mini comics series. I usually work digitally or with watercolors and crayons.

Lately, I've been aiming to put positive queer stories in kid's hands and am presently looking for representation for my debut children's picture book Tiger Boy.

Favorite things include huge pizzas, video games and my cat!

For inquiries please contact me via the contact form or by email at: info.estelabem@gmail.com 


They loved my work:


"EB always gives 100% in their work, after all she has to feed ME."


" EB didn't become a doctor but it's ok, there's another sister"

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